i wanted to crash my body into yours like a car wreck, all carnage and twisted metal. i wanted it so badly.
the sea is green

For: dallywinston4ever

“I gotta guy to see about my slashed tires.” Dallas yelled to a couple boys in a diner booth. They waved back and smiled equally.

“Be careful Dal” one of the yelled just as Dallas left the local diner.

It was a cool autumn night and all that was on Dallas’ mind was getting back at the Soc who slashed his tires. However as he whistled to himself while walking through the dark parking lot something caught his eye, well someone.

(Y/N) was sitting on the edge of the parking lot, sketch book in hand pencil hurriedly running across the page. The cool air might have been sending her hair into her eyes but it wasn’t bothering her, not being able to finish this picture was.

“Hey there babe” (Y/N) snapped up with surprise her hand hitting the boy who scared her right in the face. Reeling back from the slap Dallas chuckled. “What’s your name?”

“Sorry I didn’t mean to hit you” she stutters but moves a bit away from the boy. “Uh..(Y/N)”

“I’m Dallas” the boy said smoothly he moved close to her there hips touching. She pushed him away.

“Feisty” he growled before running his hand through her hair. (Y/N) grabbed his wrist and threw it away.

“Leave me alone!” she snapped before getting up. Dallas grabbed for her waist but she started to run.

“Hey girly I was just trying to make friends!” he yelled, he sighed realizing she was gone. Shoving his hands in his pockets he rolled his eyes. “and she was cute to” he muttered. As he left the parking lot he noticed something on the ground. Picking it up it was a notebook flipping through it he saw sketching of people, flipping to the front scribbled in curly letters was the name (Y/N).

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